Current obsessions

The more I blog, the more I realize how quickly we change as people and as a family. One minute we are obsessed with this and then the next week we are obsessed with that. As I blog and scrapbook, I find that I am paying more attention to each member of my family and what we are "up to" at the moment. 

So, what exactly are we into right now?

Shelby has totally become obsessed (obsessed might sound extreme, but it's appropriate) with Eloise. We were flipping through Netflix on our X-Box and Mike suggested Shelby watch "Eloise." If you're not familiar with Eloise, it's the story of a little girl who live at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. She's precocious, super smart ... and very much someone Shelby can relate to. Since she was introduced to Eloise she's watched every episode of Eloise available on Netflix multiple times and is begging to go to the bookstore to buy the Eloise books. 

Here's Shelby, on her head, as she watches Eloise! What a nut she is, but a sweet, funny little nut.

Some of my wreaths ...

I've become obsessed with making Christmas wreaths. I made a few with Jennie while we were visiting her and the girls in Flagstaff last weekend. Since then, I have 10 of them in various stages of completion. I have been taking foam wreaths and wrapping them in yarn and then have been decorating them with handmade flowers. I have plans to ship them out to all my siblings and also give them to some people around here in Tucson. 

Mike (photo above) will kill me for telling anyone this (but I will anyway ... ), but he's obsessed with an application on the iPad that's basically Farmville with Smurfs. He made the mistake of showing the game  

 Cooper's favorite puzzles right now

Cooper has really gotten into doing simple puzzles. He can spend 15 to 30 minutes at a time playing with these puzzles. He gets so excited when he gets a piece to fit correctly and claps and cheers for himself. When we were doing some Christmas shopping this weekend, Shelby picked out a puzzle for Cooper that makes animal noises when you take each piece out. She can't wait to give to him! It might be hard to keep her from giving it to him before Christmas Day.