Day 22: All is calm ... All is bright

Journaling reads:

Being ready for Christmas, with three days left until the big day, is heavenly. It’s beyond awesome. There really is no stress around our house and it leaves time to do fun stuff. Today I took the kids to the mall to play in the indoor play area. Shelby got her hair trimmed. We walked around the mall and window shopped (Hallmark with all its Christmas goodies was a favorite with Shelby). And we capped it all off with Happy Meals at McDonald's. While Cooper took his nap, Shelby watched the original “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” on my iPad and then made Christmas cards for Papa (she’s up to four). When Mike got home from work, I went to get a pedicure (my toes are now a happy shade of Christmas red). What a great, relaxing day. I totally plan on being this prepared next year … it’s so worth it.