Day 15: Visitors

Not surprising, I am behind with my December Daily/Journal your Christmas project. I have been taking pictures and notes ... so I hope to catch up over the weekend. I am however pretty much on top of everything else. Christmas cards are out. Presents are all purchased. Gifts have started to be wrapped. The tree is up. My crafting projects completed and I even managed to mail presents to my mom before Christmas this year!!! 

Journaling reads:

We aren’t having any visitors this year.  I’m a little sad about this. I’d like to have some visitors, there is nothing better than a REALLY full house for Christmas. If I could have any visitors this year I think I’d want some of these people to visit.
1.     1.  My sister Amy, Patrick and the kiddos.  Shelby loves, loves her cousins. It would be so much fun to have them open presents together.

2.      2. My brother Bryan ... the kiddos love him and he loves them. And he seems to have a real soft spot for Coop ...

3.      3. My brother Brad and his crew. I haven’t seen Brad in a VERY long time. I haven’t even met his youngest daughter, who is just a few weeks younger than Coop.

Note: I'd actually love to have ALL of my siblings here for Christmas ... so no one would feel left out or like I'm picking favorites. I just thought I'd scrap about some of the visitors I'm dreaming of having ... otherwise I'd fill pages and pages of people!