Day 9: Christmas Traditions

Journaling Reads:

Now that I have a family of my own, it means we’re creating our own Christmas traditions. They are definitely a blend of my family’s traditions and those of Mike’s. But since we live in AZ close to Mike’s family we tend to do things there way more than my way (not that I’m bitter or anything!).

At what time do you open your presents?
Growing up we always opened a single present on Christmas Eve and it was always from our Grandpa Ed and Grandma Pearl. Most years, my Grandma would crochet us something. I still have a blanket she made for me when I was kid and it’s one of my most cherished possessions. With Shelby and Cooper we let them open one present on Christmas Eve as well, but it’s always their Christmas pajamas. Then, they change into them and wear them to bed as they wait for Santa. 
How is your home decorated?
This will be our fourth Christmas in this house and EVERY decoration has its place …at least according to Shelby. When we pull out the boxes and unpack the decorations, it’s like she’s seeing old friends for the first time in years. She oohs and aahs over each item and then lovingly puts it where it belongs. 

What colors symbolize Christmas for you?
Red, red and more red. I love red year round, so I’m thrilled to add more red to our home when Christmas comes around.

Where do you hang your stockings?
Our stocking hang from the shelf at the landing on the stairs. We don’t have a fireplace, since in Southern Arizona you don’t really need one. We had one as a kid and my stocking has the burn marks to prove it. As a kid, we always got an orange in our stocking. It was always at the very bottom and was the last thing I would pull out.

Do you watch any films every Christmas?
Charlie Brown’s Christmas and A Christmas Story are my favorites from childhood. And now, we watch The Polar Express, The First Noel, The Grinch (the original one) and A Christmas Story (it’s usually playing all day long Christmas Day).

What do you miss about Christmas from your childhood?
Being with my siblings. I’m one of 6 kids and I have the best memories of growing up surround by them and all the chaos that comes with a big family. I miss that. And I miss going to my Grandma’s house or to my Aunt Paulette’s to play with all my cousins. I wish we all lived close to each other and could spend more holidays together.