Day 6: The Grinch

Journaling reads:

Story time at the University of Arizona is one of our favorite family activities, so we hit the mega jackpot when we found out December’s story was going to be “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” Shelby has been watching the original Grinch cartoon on my iPad ... over and over and over again … so she can practically tell you the story in her sleep. Normally, Shelby and I go on our own. Coop has a little trouble sitting still for story time right now (he is after all 20-months-old and VERY busy), but all four of us went to see the Grinch. Coop actually sat and listened for most of the story, but he had no interest in meeting the Grinch (read: he was clinging to mommy and started to cry at the sight of the full-sized Grinch). Shelby on the other hand went right up to the Grinch and gave him loves. After story time we made our regular stop for a treat at the Red Velvet Cupcake shop. Good times were had by all.