My Projects: Weeks 1 and 2

I'm really enjoying all the projects I'm doing right now ... I've toted my art journal and supplies with me to Atlanta and then to DC to make sure I was able to work on my art journal every day. I haven't missed a single day!!! Woo-hoo for me.

Each night I was in a hotel, I took out my little art kit and went to work. It's seriously been like therapy. Rather than eating (which I like to do when I'm bored) or watching mindless TV, I've been enjoying all the time I'm pouring into creating something special ... at least special to me.  It's also been a wonderful activity to do with Shelby. I actually had to create a second art journal, one for me and one for me and Shelby to work on together. She has so much fun getting the paints, markers and art supplies out and going to town.

So here's a peek at some of the pages I have been working on. I can't saw I'm an artist, but I love, love working on these pages. And the more I work on these pages, the better I get at various techniques.


I'm also doing the 52 Week Project. This one is a self-portrait project. I just did my third self-portrait and it's amazing how much more I know about my camera in just three weeks. The first photo I took, I used my iPhone and took the picture in a mirror. The other two I actually figured out how to use the self timer on my SLR and was able to get much better pictures. Here are my photos for Week 1 and 2. I still have to edit the one for week 3.

Week 1

So I feel like this photo is a bit of a cop out. I need a picture, it was the end of the week, so I took one of me in the mirror with my iPhone. Still, I really love it. 

Week 2

I took this photo in my hotel room in Washington DC. I turned the self timer on, placed the camera on a shelf and took about 50 pictures ... and finally got one I liked! 


And finally, I'm also doing another weekly photo project (52 Photos, 52 Weeks), but this one isn't a self-portrait project. Each week we're given a theme/prompt and then we interpret it through a photo. The first week the prompt was an actual time. We were suppose to take the photo at a specific time. I didn't. I totally missed it.  The second week the prompt was independence. For week three the prompt is evening. I'm not sure what I'll shoot. I was thinking I would try and get a good shot of the kids sleeping or maybe take a bath time shot .. .since that's a major part of our evening routine. 

Here are the photos I took for week 1 and 2 of "52 Photos, 52 Weeks."

Week One: This photo is from my hotel room in Atlanta. This month I'm on the road. A lot. So I'm sure there will be more photos from random places that aren't my home, my home town or anywhere close to home!

Week 2: I was flying to Washington DC to conduct a training workshop when I took this photo. Since I've started traveling, I am struck by how independent I am. Maybe too  much for my own good! I spend a ton of time by myself.  But I also feel pretty confident I can take care of myself and my family if needed. It feels ooh so good to be independent.