My Hotel Quirks

On Monday, I went to Write.Click.Scrapbook and the post was all about scrapbooking yourself. I saw a page that listed some one's food quirks ... and it made me think of my hotel room quirks.

After I finished the page and the journaling ... I realized  I have a bunch of other hotel room quirks:

* I always use a shower cap when at a hotel, though I never use one at home.
* A luggage stand is a must and I set my suitcase on the stand, in the closet as soon as I arrive at the hotel.
* I refuse to have a room close to the elevator.
* If the Internet is slow (like it was in Brazil), it's highly likely I'll switch hotels.
* I can't stay at a hotel that doesn't have room service and I really want a place that had 24-hour room service.
* And the list goes on ....

Journaling reads:

I spend a lot of time in hotels; way more than I'd like. For the first 5 weeks of 2011, I spent 21 of my nights in hotels. Because I spend so much time in hotels I have very particular hotel habits. Before I go to sleep, I always put a towel down by the bottom of the door. I don't like light coming in from the hallway, so I try to block it out. I use every single towel I'm given and I never reuse a towel. I have the sheets changed on the bed EVERY night. I use all the toiletries, even though I bring my own. And even if I don't really like the shampoo, I use it for something, like washing my feet. I hate not taking advantage of the free stuff. I even make a point of trying to use the entire roll of toilet paper over the course of my stay. Why? I have no idea. I just do. I never unpack; I always leave my stuff in my suitcase. And I put all my dirty, stink clothes in a hotel laundry bag, so I can easily pack my “dirties” when it’s time to leave.

This was my LOAD layout for Day 21.