Week 12: Self Portrait

I’d be lying if I said I love this photo. There are lots of things I love about it, but I’m really self-conscious about my weight right now … and I feel like this photo highlights my trouble spots. But, it was also taken on the week I decided to take responsibility for me weight gain, overeating and lack of physical activity. I’m working out again. I’d like to try and run a half marathon. I’m starting slow … the first day I ran and power walked 4 miles. And then I was really sore. So, I’ve pulled back a bit and am focusing on just moving. As long as I move at least 45 minutes four days a week (to start) then I’m happy with my progress. I’ve also been trying to cut out all the crap I tend to eat when I’m stressed or traveling.
Already, I’ve lost about five pounds and that’s just by eating a little less and moving a whole lot more. Here’s to getting back on track!

This is my week 12 self portrait for the 52 Week ProjectThis picture was taken on my street. I placed my camera on my mailbox and used the timer. In Photoshop I used one of the Totally Rad Actions to make it the nice warm, rich color it is.