Catching up is hard to do ...

To say I have too many balls in the air would be an understatment. And I keep thinking, "Maybe I can fit just one more thing in." Yeah .. right! So, instead of adding more to my already overflowing life, I decided to try and catch up.

One of my most favorite projects this year is my photo a day. I haven't been worrying about getting the best photo, since I'm taking all of them with my iPhone. I'm just making sure I capture something each day. I'm finding I take a lot more photos, both with my phone and regular camera. I'm totally keeping up with taking the photos, but I'm behind with scrapping them! This is one area I hope to get caught up with this week. I finished one layout tonight and started a second one.

Here's my layout for week 8: 

When I started this page .. it was totally different. The colors were different. The feel was different. And really, I couldn't stand it. I had been sitting on my desktop for weeks now, and I just couldn't finish it. So I pretty much trashed what I had (that's the beauty of digitial, a few key strokes and you're back to a fresh canvas) and started over. Now I love it. It's interesting to see the evolution of a page and how it comes out in the end. I just adore the flowers. They are from Echo Park's Walk in the Park line, as are the orange scallops.