Lots o' layouts

Obviously doing a layout a day means you produce a lot of layouts. Duh! So, I have a lot of layouts to share!

"leave the stinkin' chairs alone"

Cooper is obsessed with our bar stools. He loves to climb on them and especially likes to knock them over and then climb on them. He is such a mischief maker and incredibly different than Shelby was at this age.

Shelby Rose

For this layout, I used a print advertisement as my inspiration. It was way easy to put together and though it's quite simple, it's a striking page (if I do say so myself!). I used a photo from our family photo shoot in November. Don't I have the prettiest little girl?

Today ... I need to

I love lists. I have been really into using lists for my layouts lately .. so this was an easy layout for me to do. This is my self portrait for week 8 for the 52 Week Project and I'm trying to scrap all of my weekly self portraits. This way, there will be a lot more layouts that include me and my story in 2011.

Great-Great Aunt Dorothy

This is one of those pages that though I don't love the design or the overall look of the page, I do love the page ... I love it because it tells a story that's important to me and it's something I want to remember (and I want Shelby to know about some day).

 Journaling reads:

Shelby is really great with old people. Sweet. Polite. Engaging. I'm not sure why this is, but she has always been really comfortable with old folks.  She runs right into the nursing home where her Great Grandma lives; greets everyone and showers Great-Grandma Pearl with lots of love and kisses. She isn't fazed by the oxygen machines wheelchairs, walkers, wrinkled hands that want to pinch her cheeks, the hospital feel ... or the smell (that's the part that bothers me). She doesn't mind one bit when she's taken around the nursing home so all the other residents can fawn over her. It doesn't stop there. Whenever her 90-year-old Great-Great-Aunt Dorothy is around it's Shelby who scoots right up to her, chats her ear off and gives lots of hugs. I call her the old people whisperer. I love watching Shelby with Dorothy. They both bring each other so much joy. It's such tender and precious relationship.