52 Photos, 52 Weeks

I know it's early in the year ... but I am SO proud of myself. I have committed to a number of creative projecrs and I have stuck with all of them. ALL OF THEM. I'm art journaling more. I'm painting more. I'm scrapping more. I'm writing more. I'm creating in so manty different ways and it just feeds my soul.

Here's a look at my photos for weeks 7 to 9 for my 52 Photos, 52 Week challenge.

Week 7: Up

Look UP tonight and you'll see the most beautiful moon. Clear skies are a benefit of living in Southern Arizona. And you'll see the most beautiful clouds and the sun sinking into the desert.

Week 8: City

This is my city, Tucson, as I was flying back into town the other night. I always feel a huge sense of relief when I see my city's lights.

Week 9: Road

Week 9: Road

This is the lone road I take at least four times a month, when I drive myslef to and from the airport.