Total randomness

I'm in a random sort of mood. Just plain random. I have so many things running through my head. And I just feel like purging.

First: This last weekend Mike and I had a getaway to New York City. I have been working in New Jersey, so instead of going home, I met Mike in the Big Apple. Normally, I go home every weekend, even if I’m only going to have 12 hours at home. I have a lot of guilt as a traveling, working mother. And my company has a policy that if you’re traveling domestically they will always allow you to go home for the weekends. But I’ve been sick a lot this year and I just felt like it would be better for me to stay put for the weekend rather than flying all the way to the West Coast and then back to Jersey all in the same weekend. My mother and father-in-law were kind enough to watch our kiddos, which meant everyone in our family had a grand adventure.

 Mike at a record store in NYC. He's ALWAYS wanted to go to this place and there was a line outside the store before they opened on Saturday, so I guess it's really popular.

 This is the show we saw. Mike waited in line for cheap tickets and we ended up sitting in nearly the very last row of seats. But it didn't matter. The show was fun and we had a great time.


We went on a food tour of Greenwich Village. We ate bacon cream cheese in Chelsea. We saw a Broadway Musical. We rode the subway. We hailed cabs. We slept in. It was fabulous. Meanwhile, back at home ... Shelby and Cooper were charming their grandparents. There were multiple shopping trips to Target. New toys. New clothes. New shoes. Lunch dates with Great-Great Aunt Dorothy. Dinner dates with Uncle Kelly. Lots of outside time, which they love. Shelby told us that we could stay away a little longer because she was having so much fun with Nana. Gotta love that. It makes me so happy that my children are close to their extended family.

Second: Shelby got in a fight last week. She's really not a "fighter," she's quite sweet and tender. She's strong willed and opinionated, but when it comes to other kids she's very interested in justice and equality. Everyone is equal in her eyes.

Anyway, back to last week’s incident … as she was waiting in the lunch line, a boy in her class was teasing and harassing her ... he punctuated his tirade with "Girls can't hit."
Shelby took the bait, and punched him in the chest. He then punched her in the nose. And blood started pouring. They both had to go to the office. He got in more trouble, but she did get a talking to and the school called us. It did make me think though … she’s a lot like me. I can usually tune out all sorts of harassment, but if someone needles me for long enough I explode.

Both kiddos this week. Can you see how big they are getting?

Third: Cooper had his well-baby checkup this week. He’s 36 pounds and 37 inches tall. He’s had a ton of ear infections in the last year and is exactly one ear infection away from needing tubes. Let’s hope he avoids that. At two he loves Legos, he still carries his blanket with him everywhere and his vocabulary is exploding. He’s recently discovered trains thanks to his Auntie Amy, who sent him his first train set. Now he loves his choo-choos.  

Fourth: Shelby is all about her birthday party right now. She has very specific ideas as to how it should be. She had to help design the invitations. She told me what was to be served for lunch. The games are all her idea (we’ll be hula hooping, doing a limbo contest and jumping in a bounce house). It’s quite adorable to see how excited she is.

Fifth: I am so ready for vacation. I can’t wait to go to Disneyland; spend Easter with my family; and just relax. I’m counting the days!