Our Sweet Little Chatterbox

More hotel room scrapping going on ... I'm on the road all week and next week as well., so I'm hoping to be a scrapbooking machine. Anyway ... I'm starting to use templates less (not tha tI don't love templates ... I do).  But, I'm pretty much a free form kind of gal. I like to march to the beat of my own drum. So now, as I feel more comfortable with digital scrapping, I'm doing a lot more templateless scrapping and designing from scrap. This is one of those pages. I might be my current favorite page. I love, love, love it (yes, I am tooting my own horn).

Journaling reads:

The other night I was talking to my sister.  At some point in the conversation Shelby begged to talked to her cousins. As soon as I hand the phone to her, the gab fest began. Listening to her chat away with Savannah and Griffin, Mike said, “When I was a kid I lived in the same town as my cousins and I wasn’t this close to them. I love how close Shelby is with her cousins, even with them living so far away.” I couldn’t agree more.  (March 2011)