Photo editing

I'll readily admit I'm not the world's best photographer. I try and I WANT to get better ... there are plenty of times my photos just are great. That, couples with the fact that many of the photos I take and scrap with are iPhone photos, I have to use photo editing to improve the appearance of my photos.

As part of National Scrapbook Day, Shimelle has posted some challenges over on her blog. One of the challenges was to edit a photo in a different way ...

I am a HUGE fan of Photoshop actions and have a variety of actions from Totally Rad Actions, the Pioneer Woman and a few other random sites. The photos below are ones Mike texted me yesterday after he and Shelby picked out her new crab. They were taken on his phone and though cute, aren't the best technically speaking. So I used a few different actions until I found a combination I liked. Check 'em out.



What are your favorite Photoshop Actions?