Working in the yard

With the weather warming up, we spent a lot of time working in our yard this weekend ... getting it ready for summer and more outside time. We needed to clean out our garden and take down what remained of our broken trampoline.

Shelby and Cooper love to be outside. They could spend days on end out there if we let them. Shelby is quite "skilled" at yard work and has been helping Coop learn the ropes.

Shelby helping Coop water the basil.

This weekend we planted tomatoes, zucchini, sweet basil, roses and eggplant. Last year our zucchini did so well, so we're hoping we have the repeat success. We decided to plant less this year and try to keep those few things alive ALL season long.

As the month continues, we're going to keep working on our backyard. I'd like to get a little kiddie pool and maybe some rocks ... to cover some of the dirt. I'm so over the dirt! I also REALLY want a new dining set and maybe a porch swing. But we'll see ...