Ten on the 10th

Ten things I miss when I'm away from home.

  1. My kiddos: totally a given
  2. My husband: also a given, but he might complain he was listed as No. 2 on this list rather than No. 1!
  3. My bed (hotel beds make my back ache!)
  4. Having choices when it comes to shoes and clothes: I really hate it when I don't like what I packed for a trip, but I'm stuck with it, since it's all I have with me. I like choices.
  5. My bathtub: I refuse to take baths in hotels
  6. Filtered water right out of the refrigerator: I love to carrry around a glass of water with me all day long. I just fill it up when I want more. I don't do tap water, which means I'm constantly buying bottered water.
  7. My own car: rental cars just don't cut it. Too small and totally unfamiliar.
  8. The little spot at our breakfast bar where I do all my work when at home: I can see everything that's going on from my perch at the Filet Bombay (what we affectionately call our breakfast bar).
  9. My kitchen and the opportunity to cook whatever I want: I've been trying to eat better and lose some weight, which is a major challenge when travel and having little to no access to a full kitchen.
  10. Knowing where I'm going: I always feel lost when I'm on the road. At home, I can find my way around no maps, no thought.

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