All About Me: The letter K

This post is brought to you by the letter K ... here's a little peek at me and what makes me ... umm, me. This weekly series is "All About Me: from A to Z." Check out my inaugural post if you want to know more about why I'm doing this!

Kisses, on the neck:

Kissing my kids, underneath their chin on that sweet spot on their neck, is heaven. I love to smell them; snuggle them close; and kiss and nuzzle on their neck. I didn’t realize I did this all the time, until I started working my way through the alphabet as I wrote about myself. As I was thinking about the different letters and the significant things in my life, I found myself holding my little boy, smooching on his neck.  It’s a peaceful place for me. I’m especially grateful that Shelby has yet to grow out of the snugly, kissy phase. She still lets me pull her close and smooch on her. Heaven I tell you. Heaven.


There are a million girls name Kimberly. All of us were born around 1974 and ’75. As a child,  I longed for a much more exotic name. Kimberly was just so plain. I tried spelling it Kymberly, Kym and there was even a phase that included Cym. In the end, I’m okay with my name. My parents settled on Kimberly because they couldn’t agree on anything else. As an adult, it’s nice to have a name that everyone can say or spell with little to no prompting. 

Mike and me,
watching "The Killing"

Killing, The:

Mike and I have found a new TV show we both love, which is a rare occurrence. Usually he loves something and I can do without it (“Battlestar Galactica”). Or I love something and he rolls his eyes at the mere mention of it (“Antiques Roadshow”). So, when we find a show we both love, we jump in with both feet. Watch it as often as possible. And bond over the 13 or so episodes that make up a season. It was like this with “Lost,” “Friday Night Lights” and “Breaking Bad.” Now, we’re obsessed withThe Killing. And poor Mike had to wait to watch more episodes until I came back from Europe. Just this week we played catch up and have now seen the entire season (thank you iTunes). Now we have to wait for the next season, blah.