Week in my Life: Day Four

So I totally kept up with the project. I kept notes all seven days. I took pictures. I just haven't blogged about it ... on Friday I worked all day at the Des Moines Register and thn flew home. Saturday we packed up and the kids and I hit the road for Idaho, stopping for the night in Kanab, Utah. Sunday we finished our drive to Idaho and met up with lots and lots of cousins. So, I've been busy living! But, that didn't stop me from doing the projec. And before too long I'm going to whip together my pages and album.

Here's a little look at my Day Four:

Observations: Once you get into a groove of recording what’s going on in your daily life, it’s not all that hard. I do have to say it’s much easier for me to do so electronically. I switched to writing my noted on a physical piece of paper to the Notepad App on my phone and have had much better luck (read: more detailed notes about m day)
Favorite moment: See “overheard” below.  
Gratitude:  I’m so grateful to have met some really cool ladies who work for my current customer/site. Traveling can be lonely, but I can now say I have some friends in Des Moines, so it’s been a pleasure and dare I say fun …. to be on the road this week. Having a friend or two really makes the time away from home easier to swallow.
Overheard:  I found this on Mike’s Facebook wall. When I’m away, I troll his wall for funny gems about him and the kids. He always tells the story of their days without me in the funniest way …
Went to pick the kids up from daycare ...Me to Teacher: How'd Shelb and Coop do today?
Good. But Coop got in trouble. He bit Shelb.
What? He's doing that. We're trying to stop it. Where did he bite her?
...Teacher: In the V-Area.
What?! Shelb, did Coop bite your crotch?
No, no, no, no... in the KNEE-area.
Me: Kill me now.