My little seamstress

“Mom, I sewed this all by myself,” Shelby said in the happiest, brightest voice ever.

“You did? Wow. I love it,” I said.

“My friends say it looks like an owl, but it’s supposed to be a monster,” she said. “We’re making monsters for our Oktober Fest booth and we got to make an extra one to take home.”

“Shelby, you did a great job. I think it’s adorable,” I said and really meant it.

“I can teach you how to make one mom,” she said. “We just need an old sock, one that doesn’t fit me anymore.”

“Okay, sounds good,” I said.

“Mom, I love sewing,” Shelby said. “I really love it.”

I see an Etsy store in her future. Paris, Broadway and an Etsy store.