Rough day

Homework time by kimberly.kalil
Homework time, a photo by kimberly.kalil on Flickr.

Holy cow. Today has been sucking. Big time. Coop woke up at 4:15 a.m. And though he did go back to sleep for a time, I didn't. I'm not feeling well, my head feels like it's gonna explode. My back has been acting up. And then to just make it a totally rotten day, my nearly new laptop died. Hard drive failure. And I hadn't backed it up in about two weeks. The Geek Squad tells me there is no easy way to recover the data and it will cost about $800 and take weeks. So I'll have to be happy with missing only two weeks of photos, documents, etc.

There were a few bright spots in my day. My company will have a brand-new laptop imaged for me by tomorrow afternoon and it will be shipped overnight, so I'll have a new machine by Thursday.

But even better than that, Shelby did all of her homework without complaint. She was actually happy to do it today.