Shelby + Layout = Awesomeness

Oct. 2011 Digi Files, Zoe Pearn's Isn't She Lovely kit
Additonal credits: Typewritter Scribble Font;
Scallop Shape, All Roads Lead Home kit PxlCafe;
Staple, Crystal WIlkerson

Journaling reads:

You came into this world under not-so-great circumstances. I didn’t care. I was thrilled to have a little buddy to travel the road of life with. You have not disappointed. You make each day so bright and full of adventure.  Grandma Linda says your just like me and this picture reminds her of me when I was you age. We are indeed so much alike. I look at this picture and I see a dreamer, a creative soul, a girl who believes she can do anything.  Just yesterday you told me you were saving your allowance for a beret you were going to buy while visiting Paris. I have no doubt that you will do everything you say you will and I just hope I get to continue tagging along.