Gratitude: 11.16

Since I travel all the time, I have a solid packing regime. I pack the same stuff. I wear the same things. I have separate toiletries, toothbrush, etc. I pack everything in the same spot, in the same suitcase. And because of this, I rarely forget anything.

But I have traveled even more in the last few months than even I normally do. And this week I happen to be sick with a seriously foggy head. So, when packing for this week's trip to Phoenix, I somehow forgot the little pouch that carries my deodorant and toothbrush. Yep. No deodorant. No toothbrush. SUCKS. 

So today, I'm grateful for the hotel gift shop, which has saved me countless times and has saved me again this week. I was able to get some deodorant, a toothbrush and more cold medicine. Aah, it's the simple things that sometimes mean the most!