Gratitude: 11.23

A note from Mike to me, written on the table at date-night dinner.

I'm grateful for date night. We don't have them all that often, mostly because of my grueling travel schedule, but also because we have small children. This month we got more than one (insert the sounds of a choir singing praises), thanks both times to Mike's brother and his wife. One afternoon, my brother-in-law Kelly came over and watched the kids so we could go see a movie.

On another occasion, Kelly and his wife Corey came over and we headed to dinner and a concert (John Prine). Much to Shelby's delight, Aunt Corey even brought over all the goodies to make Christmas cookies. Since I'm away a lot, I don't like leaving the kids. And when I do leave them, I prefer it's with family. I appreciate my in-laws and all the help they give us.

If I'm being totally honest here, Mike and I have had a tough few years. Really tough. And I would assume that the goodness that has settled on our world as of late is only sweeter because of the storms. I am grateful for that as well. I am finding greater appreciate for our time together, whether it's sitting at home, getting the kids ready for school or out on a date.

I am grateful indeed.