Reflecting on the Season

Another busy day. Work. Kids. Work. Kids ... not a lot of time to reflect on the season. But that's life, right? I decided to get off the crazy train for a little bit and took a break from work to wrap some presents. Most of my shopping is already done, and I'm trying to slowly chip away at wrapping presents so I'm not up all night on Christmas Eve. Though wrapping presents might seem tedious to some, I enjoy the process. Love it ... I especially like using curling ribbon to top the presents. 

As I put a few more finish presents under the tree, Shelby took one labeled for her and begged for a hint as to what was in the box. She shook it. She begged. She shook it some more. She giggled when I refused to tell her what the present was. Her eyes twinkled. And it made my heart sing.

At the same time, Cooper took a bag of bows and put bow after bow on a present for himself. He'd say "Do the sticky mommy." And I'd help him take the backing off the back of the bow and put it on the package. He was thrilled with the process and his joy was infectious. 

These sort of moments make the season and that's worth reflecting on ...

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