Sincerely Yours

I found this letter to Santa tucked under "his" mug. Written by Shelby without any prompting or help.  

She still flips her "b's" and her "d's," which is so stinkin' cute to me. Before long, it will stop. I'm grateful to have some photographic evidence of who she is at this very moment. To clarify, she wants:

1. A Lalaoopsy Silly Hair Doll: These are super hot right now, and sold out in a lot of stores. People are selling them on eBay for twice and sometimes four times as much as they normally retail for. I got one a month ago, on sale plus I had a coupon. Score one for me!

2. A Big-Eyed Baby: These are stuffed animals with BIG eyes that I started buying for Shelby when I traveled. They sell them in airports, so they're always easy for me to find. They're my go to prize when she already has all the snow globes (Whenever I travel, I pick her up a snow globe and she has a HUGE collection) for a particular destination. 

3. Books: Like both her Mama and Daddy, Shelby is a big reader.  It helps that she's totally mastered reading in the last few months and she's even more obsessed with books now that she can read the more advanced ones on her own. I have it on good authority that Shelby will be getting a book about mimes ... combining two of her favorite things! How awesome is that?
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