This Magic Moment

This was the year that Cooper figured what Christmas was all about. It was such a thrill to watch him get excited when he saw the lights, heard the music, touched the presents. He would say "Ho, Ho, Ho" and sing "Jingle Bells." It was adorable. When he came downstairs this morning, he was so excited when he discovered his train set. With each present he opened, he got more excited. He hugged everyone, yelled lots of "tank oohs" and played his little heart out. His favorite gifts? The train set from Santa and a learning robot from Uncle Kelly and Aunt Corey. 
Shelby has been counting down the days until Christmas. She loves the holiday season. She especially loves decorating and insists all our decorations go in the exact same spot each year. Last year, Shelby had some serious questions about Santa. She wondered why he used the same wrapping papers as we do and why he did his bows just like mama ... which led me to take greater precautions to keep the secret going. I ordered special wrapping paper and hid it, so Shelby wouldn't see it. I bought special, Santa-only bows ... also expertly hidden. I printed out gift tags, so Shelby would see my handwriting on the tags. And guess what? It worked. Not a single question and no skepticism about Santa. 
There were lots of Lalaloopsy goodies from Santa (two dolls, clothes, accessories) and a Fidgit (rated by parents as one of the most annoying toys). From me and Daddy, Shelby got a desk, chair and side table to start the redecorating of her room. She loved, loved all her presents. Shelby's favorite presents? All her Lalaloopsy dolls, she ended up with four: two from Santa, one from Cooper and one from Uncle Kelly and Aunt Corey.
And what was my favorite gift you ask? This t-shirt from Mike. Not too long ago I mentioned I thought (and have always thought) Tom Selleck was sexy. Mike gagged at that announcement. But when it came time to buy gifts for me, look what he got me! Love the 'stache!
We really are quite blessed as a family, despite the recent bad news. I am grateful for my health and the health of my children and Mike. I'm grateful for the bounty we enjoy. And I am grateful for every moment we get to spend together.

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