Wrapped with Love

With school out, I took the kiddos and headed to Flagstaff to spend so time with people we love. Here's Shelby wrapped up in the love of Gracie and Emma. It's like they had never been apart. They all played so well together, which isn't always the case for them! The three of them made a little camp site on the floor and slept side-by-side each night we were there. Giggles floated from the room late into the evening and it was precious to see the three of them  all wrapped up in each other, having a blast. 

Shelby totally loved the snow, but that's nothing new. She's always been a snow bunny. Not me, I'd rather be inside. 

I really though Cooper wouldn't like the snow. Boy was I wrong. As soon as we rolled into Flagstaff, Coop started yelling "I see snow Mama, I see snow." Over and over again. And when the girls went outside to play in the snow, he wasn't far behind. He didn't care how cold he got. He just kept right on playing. So much fun!
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