My self-portrait project marches on ...

Since I loved taking self portraits in 2011, I'm doing it again in 2012 (how's that for totally owning my self obsession). Here's my first self portrait of the year ... or rather, it's the one I like the most. In any given week I take about five different self portraits. I like to have options!

Week 1, 2012 (Jan. 6, 2012)

Keeping true to my "no stress" philosophy, this was taken on my iPhone and treated with the Instagram ap. I took it as I was walking out of my hotel room in Phoenix on my way to the newspaper, where I was teaching some classes. I have to point out that I'm wearing earnings, a new thing for me. i used to wear them all the time. Then I had kids and grabby little hands made me stop. My kids are big enough now I don't need to worry about them grabbing my earrings, so I'm making an effort to wear them more often. Also note, my hair is getting longer and I love it. I really have no idea why I cut my hair short. I always hate it when I do. I'm a long hair kind of girl. Remind me of this when I suggest otherwise. 

And to show you I'm not all fancy, all the time ... here's my photo for Week 2 (this week):

Week 2, 2012 (Jan. 10, 2012)
This is my out for my morning workout. It's cold in the morning here. Most days it warms up pretty nicely and the sun of course is almost ALWAYS shining ... but the mornings are super cold (at least by my standards they are). So, I wear a hat. I look a little silly. But I was warm, so that's all that matters. I also have this weird habit of pulling my face back and creating a double, sometimes triple chin. Hate that I do that. I especially hate it since I'm reaching my goal weight and it doesn't accurately portray my real shape. Oh well, that's the vain part of me talking. This photo was also taken on my iPhone. I did play with it in Photoshop and added the sun flair with a free action (sun kissed) from CoffeeShop.

I'm off to a great start. I can't wait to see all 52 photos at the end of 2012. It's such a great record of who I am at this very moment. You should do it too. Really, you should!