Self Portrait: Week 3

I'm flip-flopping over which photo to use as my official self portrait for Week 3 (last week). All of them tell a story about my life, right now. Each is very real and very me ... in its own way. 

This first photo is of my split lip. I was wrestling with Cooper on Monday (it was MLK Day, so the kids didn't have school and I wasn't working). I would steal Cooper's blanket; run and hide; and when he'd find me, we'd wrestle.  At one point, Cooper whipped his head up, hit me in the chin and I dug a tooth into my lip. I bled. Cooper seemed quite worried. And then we went back to playing.

This photo (below) is of me in an airport. I spend a lot of time in airports. I was on way way to Rochester this particular day to teach a class for the production department at the Democrat and Chronicle. I'm wearing my travel uniform -- scarf, long cardigan over a fitted shirt, jeggings, tall boots and ear buds in my ears. 

This last photo is of my snow covered feet. I took the photos as I was walking back to my hotel one night after teaching all day at the newspaper. I don't like snow. I don't like cold weather. Yet this is the fifth January in a row where I have spent considerable time in cold weather climates (Denmark, Toronto, Toronto, DC and now NY). Am I being punished?

I still can't decide which one should be my self portrait of the week. I'm considering using all three. What do you think?