{Free} Template Tuesday

Hello! Welcome back. It's Tuesday ... so that means I have another fabulously free template to share. 

If you're new, let me explain the why behind {Free} Template Tuesday (not that you care why, you just like free ... right?). A few weeks ago I decided to start sharing free templates on my blog each and every Tuesday. I've been making my own templates for awhile now and wanted to see what the rest of the world thinks of them. I guess you can say I'm sticking my little toe into the waters of design. 

I'm also designing some sort of printable each week and giving those away as well. I post those each Monday, so make sure you check them out too.   

Without further ado, here's this week's template:


And this is the layout I created, based on this template:

Credits: Yellow Cardstock, journal strips (altered), Karen Funk’s
Spring Eva; Kipler, Heart Scatter; Honeycomb pattern and
Rhonna Farrer; Traveling Typewriter and Impact Fonts

Journaling reads:

Peanut: The best dog ever. We got her when we lived in Canyon Country and she moved with us to Leona Valley. She was so tiny when we got her, fitting in the palm of our hands ... hence the name Peanut. She was such a feisty dog. She’d hide under the steps and bark/nip at the mailman and anyone else she didn’t know or like. Such a great dog.