Our Dog: Cash

It's hard getting used to Cassius not being around. I'm surprised each time I walk through the door and he doesn't run to greet me. It feels so weird not to have him underfoot as I cook dinner, as he tried to catch whatever I might drop. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed having him around during the day while I worked ... it's so quiet here without him (no one is barking at the UPS Man or the neighbors). Wednesday was possibly the hardest day I've had in a very long time. Gut wrenching. Taking Cassius to the vet was horrible, yet necessary. And though we miss him terribly, we know he's in better place.

Today Shelby didn't tear up at all and was even able to talk about Cash with a smile on her face. That's progress. Huge progress. I decided to make another scrapbook page, and will probably frame this one as well (Shelby asked me if I would).

Journaling reads:

Cassius and Shelby were both born in 2004. They spent most of their lives together, from the blue house in Las Vegas to our current home in Arizona. Being a big dog, he scared a lot of kids (and adults), but Shelby never flinched. He was a big softy and he loved his Shelby. After they got used to each other, it wasn’t uncommon to see Shelby bossing him around, tugging at his chops or using him as a pillow. Their love and connection was epic.

When Shelby was super little, maybe about 19-months-old, she had a fascination with Cassius’ tail and heiny hole (that’s what we call it). I know, gross. But with his clipped tail, the heiny hole was in clear view of her curious toddler eyes and hands.

One day, she was playing with Cassius and her attention turned to his rear end. It was split second, I couldn’t have stopped it. She got super close, checked out his heiny hole and then proceeded to stick her little finger in it. Ewww. Cassius whimpered and ran off, and surprisingly, he didn’t snap at her or even bark.

Fast forward to when she’s 2 and a half. Her fascination with Cassius’ buns hadn’t worn off. Again she became fixated on his heiny hole. Before I could stop her, she poked him. This time I told her she was hurting Cassius and she replied “I sorry. I no hurt Khaki.”

Every, single time I tell Shelby this story, she doubles over in laughter. She thinks it’s hilarious. It reminds me how sweet, gentle and tolerant Cassius always was with Shelby and then with Cooper. What a great dog Cassius was. We are so lucky that have had him for as long as we did.