Play-doh anyone?

I always forget we have a huge bucket of Play-Doh. My brother-in-law bought it for the kids, much to my dismay. I don't like Play-Doh. It's messy and I don't like messy things! The kids however love Play-Doh, especially Cooper, but even Shelby likes to get in on the Play-Do action. Cooper loves to spread out all the tools and especially loves the shape cutters (much like cookie cutters). He can sit and make triangles or hearts for an hour. He pats the Play-Doh down, uses the little rolling pen and then cuts out shapes.

Coop playing with Play-Doh. The bottom left is him flipping out
because Shelby has a tool he wanted. He ALWAYS wants whatever
she has ... it's a constant source of frustration.

I originally broke out the Play-Doh while Mike, Shelby and I were playing Cranium Jr. I was hoping to distract Cooper, who wanted to touch every single piece of the game and was disrupting the process and frustrating Shelby. Shelby does such a good job of "tolerating" and loving her brother, so I'm trying to make a better effort to not let him run all over her. She deserves her own space and her own time with Mommy and Daddy. 

Shelby got in on the fun after we finished our Cranium session. She looks so serious here. She was making a heart-shaped layer "cake" and wanted it to be perfect. She is very serious about perfection, something she got from me ... it can be a good thing or a very bad thing some time.