Currently: March 25

ShelbyPier   Shelby atop the Ferris Wheel at the Santa Monica Pier

listening to Cooper beg to use my iPad.

wearing a tank top and cotton shorts. Little cold, need a hoodie. 

drinking Coke Zero and ice water. I’m double fisting it.   

thinking I’m not looking forward to the week ahead. A lot going on. A lot of appointments. Short trip to Rochester. Just a lot.   

wishing my photos would edit themselves. So many photos to sort through, edit and decide how they’ll be used.  

reading "Dawn" by Elie Wiesel. It’s taking me forever … I’m gonna finish it this week. That’s a promise. 

eating nothing. But when I do, it will be healthy. Time to get back on track after a week of indulging.

wondering what tomorrow will hold. Really big and busy day for me.  

enjoying  being home again and having the space to spread out and relax. Everyone seems super happy to have their “things” back and being home seems to shiny and new.

feeling tired. I need a vacation after our vacation. 

wanting to go back to bed for a little bit, then for a run and finally a massage.

needing to unpack our vacation suitcases, finish and fold vacation laundry and then hit the grocery store.

weather is warm. It’s already 61 degrees and according to my iPhone, the high will be 82 degrees today.