{Free} Template Tuesday

Tuesday ... is it really Tuesday? Yep. I survived Spring Break at Disneyland (more to come about this) and am back to share a new template for Free Template Tuesday. This week's template is a good one ... if I do say so myself. I am quite certain I'll be using it again in my own, personal scrapping.

Download your own layers, PSD file here.

Here's the layout I used as a basis for this template:

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Like last week's template, this layout/template features circles as a major design element. I wasn't kidding when I said I'm crazy for circles. I use them all the time. All the time! This layout also features another one of my another one of my go-to scrapbooking tools, journaling strips. It might because I have a very paper-based style, but I love me some journaling strips. Not only do I love how they look, but journaling strips force me to journal and place an emphasis on the story, which I love.

Journaling reads:

I have fond memories from high school, not that I’d ever want to go back there. But the people are really what made my years at Quartz Hill High School great. My friends. I met my life-long BFF in health class my freshman year. This is the place where I met my first kiss. These are the people I went to football games with, dessert parties, dances, Taco Bell ...