Project Life: (My) Week 13

Hello. Welcome to my weekly Project Life post. I'm on my 13th week and though I'm still loving the whole project .. .this was my hardest week yet, which is ironic, since I was home all week. I find that I procrastinate more when I'm home. When I'm away, I'm very conscience of keeping on top of things and when I'm at home I'm more worried about living my life and enjoying my time with my family. I also didn't keep as good of records/notes as I do when I'm away. I need to start jotting things down when I'm home rather than hoping I remember them. 

Here's a look at my first page for Week 13:

This particular week was super busy. This might be another reason the pages didn't come together as easily as I would have liked. I had two doctor's appointments; Shelby was sick; Mike is studying for a tax exam; I spent an entire day trying to get my car fixed and ended up in a rental for three and a half days; plus all my regular work and homework for the kiddos  ... and the list goes on. 

Here's my second page for Week 13:

After looking at my past pages, which I love, I did realize that I'm using a lot of the same products over and over again ... even though I have so many fun supplies. This week I tried to dig deeper into my stash and add some fun, new goodies to my pages (some freebies from Crystal Wilkerson; a random month stamp I have had for years; saying from Gennifer Bursett; and journaling cards from Splendid Fiins ... to name a few). 

I also went ahead and created some inserts, since it was a full week for me (us). Mike and I had a date hike. And I took an in person photography class to learn how to use my fancy camera ... the one I've had for almost two years (about stinkin' time, right).


This week I linked up with The Mom Creative and One Happy Mama. Both are filled with great Project Life inspiration.