Project Life: Week 12

Another week is in the books, and I'm still loving it. This was another travel week for me ... are you seeing a theme in my life? A lot of travel. A lot of work. A lot of life. I'm so grateful Mike takes so many photos, as it makes a huge difference on the weeks I'm away.

Sometimes, I have to nag him (just a little), but most weeks he takes a fair amount of pics. I've been taking his phone each week and just downloading whatever pictures he has on it ... it's always a great surprise what I get. I've fond some great gems on his phone.

Left page: Week 12

Right page: Week 12

An insert for the day trip I took while I was on a business
trip to Rochester, NY.

My second insert was a detailed look at my day trip.

This particular week was pretty heavily focused on me, which is just the nature of my life. Sometimes, my weeks will be all about me since I travel so much and spend a great deal of time by myself. I hope I'll be able to find balance throughout the year between "me" weeks and family weeks ... so far I think I've done a fairly good job of this.

Looking forward to another week of Project Life. I'm home for  (my) Week 13, so I'm going to be doing less digital work and playing more with physical supplies ... or at least that's my plan.


This week I linked up with The Mom Creative and One Happy Mama. Both are filled with great Project Life inspiration.