{Free} Template Tuesday

Time for some scrappy goodness: it’s free template Tuesday. I was looking through my recent layouts and I found a few I really, really love and I converted them into templates. I have a whole bunch of templates ready to share, but I always like to find the latest and greatest (read: the thing that makes me happiest and I’m most interested in).

I realized that in many cases I start with a layout first and then create a template. I like a totally blank canvas to play with. I like to make sure what I’m thinking of in my head will actually work as a layout. And then once I can translate my idea into a layout, then I convert it into a template.

Here’s this week’s template:

Template_12_krdkDownload your own copy of this fully layered, PSD template here.


And here’s the layout that inspired it:

LOAD4_FEB2012_DaddyDaughterDateCredits here

Journaling reads:

Mike picked Shelby up from school early so they could go to the mall and get a camel back. Since Mike has started hiking, Shelby has taken great interest in his adventures and decided she wanted to hike up to the “A” This is going to be their “thing.” After they got the camel back, they went to the Cheesecake Factory for food and treats. Shelby loves having special, one-on-one time with Daddy (and Mommy).