Take 12: April

Twelve photos on the 12th of the month. A snapshot of everyday life. I love that this project is documenting (in a super simple, super easy way) what our life is like right now. April 12, 2012 will never come again. Cooper and Shelby will never be this age again. Life will be different tomorrow, next week or next year. But theses moments and a slice of our life is captured forever. How cool is that?


Some of the photos that were taken but didn’t make the cut:

  • School pick up for both kiddos.
  • Shelby on her scooter, riding up and down our street.
  • Shelby pushing Cooper on his tryke.
  • A naked Cooper, who escaped the shower and was running around like a wild man.
  • Dinner time.
  • Shelby and Daddy reading together (a Junie B. book).
  • Cooper asleep on the couch: thumb in his mouth and blankie clutched to his chest.
  • Mike watching baseball and playing his computer game at the same time.

So many good memories packed into a single day. Sometimes it’s hard to pick just 12 photos from a single day! I can’t wait to see what May 12th holds.