Week in the Life: Day 1

Hello there. I wanted to pop in with a quick post. I am wrapping up Day One of Week in the Life (I decided to start a day early, since I have to travel for business next Sunday). Since I’m focusing solely on my kids and documenting their week, I was able to get a start on my book after they went to bed. I’m so excited with what I have to far and I wanted to share. I broke out my DSLR for the first time in ages. I wanted clear, crisp photos … and I’m thrilled with the results. I did take a few pictures with my iPhone, but I’m not sure if they’ll get used.


It’s a work in progress. I’m still writing the journaling for Cooper’s second Sunday page spread. I’ve only been able to edit Shelby’s photos and will actually start laying out her pages tomorrow. Her journaling will come then as well.

Today wasn’t what I’d call a “normal” day. We went to the zoo, ran errands, caught up on homework … there were tantrums (both kids); peeing on the floor (Cooper); meals; story time; baths … lots of living in a single day. I have lots of fun ideas on things I want to add to this book, aside of the basic facts of each day. I’ve weighed each child. I need to get their height recorded. I’ve been asking Shelby questions about her favorites (TV shows, foods, etc). This is going to be the coolest book ever!


As I was working on my pages, I broke out a few cookbooks for design inspiration. Have you ever noticed how beautifully design cookbooks are? They’ve given me some great ideas.

I love that I’m working in InDesign. It’s such a natural fit for me. And I’ve decided to go with a newspaper/magazine style, since that’s also what I know. 

I can’t wait for tomorrow. Are you doing Week in the Life? How’s it going?