Week in the Life: Wednesday

I started to hit a wall Wednesday. This is my fourth day of the project (I started on Sunday) and it’s getting more difficult to find variety in the lives of my children. Monday through Friday life around our house is pretty routine. They get up; they go to school; they come home; Shelby does homework; they have dinner; they have baths; and then it’s time for books and bed. But that’s their lives right now; and it won’t always be like this, so I’m trying to embrace their routines and document them.

Yet … in my attempt to pay attention and find the uniqueness in their days, I find that I’m noticing details I’ve always missed. And I’m finding stories that are special. For example, Shelby was working on her homework. She’s doing simple division in math right now. She was having a little trouble, so on her own she gathered a bunch of pencils. She started grouping the pencils together based on the division problem she was working on. She quickly figured out the answer. As I watched her do this, I was so amazed at her resourcefulness and inventiveness. She’s so clever and smart.



Cooper’s life is really simple right now. He likes to play outside. He loves to watch TV. He’s very interested in anything his sister is doing. And he’s trying to master the potty. Nothing exciting, but totally what you’d expect from a 3-year-old. Next year, he’ll be totally different and I’ll miss the simplicity that was 3-year-old Coop. I love his sweet smile and I love how much joy he finds in absolutely everything.



In this photo, Shelby was doing homework and Cooper insisted on having his snack at the table … right next to Shelby. And then, he talked to her and tried to see everything she was doing. Very cute, but not always helpful as homework time!


The highlight of everyone’s day was when we played Monopoly Jr. Shelby earned the privilege to play a game because she went the entire day without having a meltdown and did especially well during homework time. The entire family stopped what we were doing and played the game together. It was super, special family time. Cooper sat on my lap and was my helper. He kept giving my money away saying “You want a ticket?” Shelby would laugh a deep belly laugh and then gladly take my money. We spent a good hour playing and Shelby was delighted when she won in the end. Today she’s working toward earning another game night (she wants to play Uno). I’m hoping this new program (earning all her privileges from TV and iPad time, as getting special rewards like game night… will help with her behavior).


How are you doing with your Week in the Life project? Slowing down? Going strong?