Free Printable: Week 19

Hello! How’s it going? I’m doing well. I spent a few days not doing a whole lot online. I’m trying to evaluate and reflect on the things I’m doing; why I’m doing them; and if those things actually bring me happiness. One of my major goals in May is to run or walk at least 100 miles. I’ve gotten out of my routine and I’m recommitting to making time to exercise. If I’m going to achieve this goal (which I am), I’m going to have to let a few other things go. Personally, I have issues with letting things go. I “think” I can do it all and then some. But I can’t. Mike often tells his clients “I can do it fast. I can do it right. I can do it cheap … but I can only do two of these things.” I try to do all three at once and then things turn into a big mess with me feeling horrible. My personal expectations are way too high. I’m not saying I should aim low. I just think I’m setting myself up for failure because there is no way any one person can achieve and sustain the pace I expect of myself.

As I have been think about this, it has also gotten me thinking about my story. The story of my life. The story I play over and over again in my head. There’s lots of days I play a sad, sad story. I feel sorry for myself. I focus on the past. I won’t let go and move on. And as long as that’s the story I tell, then that’s exactly how my life will unfold. But here’s the cool part: I can rewrite my story. It’s my story. I’m the master of my story. I can erase the old one and start a fresh tale.

When I stumbled on this quote from Jean Houston it didn’t just speak to me … it screamed in my face.

“If you keep telling the same sad small story, you will keep living the same sad small life.”

I knew immediately I wanted to make a printable with it and hang it in my office. I also want to make a pocket-sized version and carry it in my wallet. I want to constantly remind myself I need to stop perpetuating the same old, sad, sorry story. I can write a new one.




Just click on any one of the images to download a high resolution, printer ready file in the color of your choice.

When I showed this week’s printable to Mike, he told me he thought it was a little depressing. Maybe it is. But the truth is, sometimes we need to have a tough talk with ourselves. Not everything is sunshine and roses. That doesn’t mean it’s sad or depressing. Nor does it mean it’s not something we should display in full view. These words are a call to action. The remind us to start over, write a new story and head down a new path. Are you with me? Let’s start our rewrite today.