{Free} Template Tuesday

Holy cow. Is it really Tuesday already? Heck it’s not Tuesday, it’s Wednesday. I’m behind on just about everything in my life. The long weekend totally screwed up my schedule. I’m traveling this week and I actually have Shelby with me, so even my travel routine is all wonky.

So, without further ado … here’s this week’s template:

Template_19_krdkDownload the fully layered, Photoshop document here.

And here’s the layout that inspired this template:

TTD_May2012_EveryDayCredits here.

Journaling reads:

I love those little things about you …

  • Your sense of humor.
  • Your “roll with it” attitude.
  • Your geeky obsessions with things like Game of Thrones.
  • How excited you get when we go to Disneyland.
  • You don’t mind doing or folding the laundry.
  • The little things. I heart those little things about you.