Template Tuesday

Happy, happy Tuesday. I have another [free] template to share with you today. I have been creating a Layout a Day in the month of May and this weekend I hit my creative wall. I tried very hard to work through it and in the process of playing, I created a simple layout that I love. One of things I realized was I like simple. If I have to fuss too much, then it’s not working for me and I have to either quit or start fresh.   

Here’s this week’s template:

Template_18_krdkDownload your own fully layered, Photoshop template here. 

Here’s the layout I based the template on:


Journaling reads:

Finally home.

I got home today after being gone for seven days. It had been my third consecutive week on the road, so Cooper has been extra clingy all day.

“I sit on your lap Mama.” 

“No. Mama do it.”

“I want Mama.”

I guess I can’t blame him, I missed him that much too.


I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday and enjoy the template.