Free printable: Week 24

Happy, happy Monday to you and yours. I’m traveling again this week. I’m on what’s turning out to be a very long stretch of travel. This is my third week in a row on the road, yikes! I’ve been home each weekend, which makes it at least somewhat bearable … but really, it’s quite nutso! I have another trip planned for next week, but it’s a personal one (full of lots of fun and relaxation) so I’m looking forward to that travel, not dreading it.

Because I’ve been gone so much, I’ve tried to get a jump on things that are super important .. like preparing for Father’s Day. Mike did all sorts of nice things for me when Mother’s Day came around, so I didn’t want to let him down. I’ve been shopping online and making arrangements on how we’ll celebrate that special day (I’ll be home in case you’re wondering). For one present, I created the coolest thing (forgive me for being vague, Mike reads this blog) over at Paper Coterie. I can’t wait to give it to him.

Since Father’s Day is heavy on my mind, it’s no surprise it spilled over into my printable for this week. Here are some super cute (if I do say so myself) dad-themed journaling cards:

PREVIEW_JournalingCardWeek24_krdkDownload these high-res, printer ready journaling cards here



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