Take 12: June 2012


Hello June. Check it out. I did it again. Twelve photos on the 12th. Totally loving this project (Take 12). This month, the 12th fell on a travel day for me … so my photos ended up being all about me. Here’s what my life looks like when I’m on the road:  

1. Breakfast at the hotel. Oatmeal, yum.
2. My tour of North American newspapers continues: working at the Salinas Californian today.
3. Lunch at The Steinbeck House. The house John Steinbeck was born and raised.
4. A piece of history and gourmet lunch. Awesome. A reporter at the paper recommended The Steinbeck House to me and I’m glad she did. Great experience.
5. Lunch treat. I couldn’t say no to fresh cheesecake.
6. Work finds me here today (The Salinas Californian).
7. This week's rental car.
8. This week's hotel.
9. Another week, another hotel room.
10. Feet up and talking on the phone with Mike and the kids.
11. Dinner. Not fancy, but yummy.
12. FaceTime with Shelby.