Favorite Friday: Captain Underpants

Every, single time I look at this photo my heart simultaneously breaks and sings. It breaks because my baby is growing up way too fast. It sings because he’s just so stinking adorable. This kiddo is full of life; he’s whip smart; and he’s the perfect soul to round out our family.

It’s pretty much impossible not to smile when you look at this page. Cooper is equal parts sweet and mischief. Just in the last few months he’s changed dramatically.

  • He counts to fifteen in English and to ten in Spanish.
  • He can recognize numbers up to ten.
  • He knows all his colors (red is his favorite).
  • He can sing his ABCs and can identify a ton of letters.
  • He knows all his shapes (he’s partial to circles).
  • His imagination is on fire and it especially comes to life when he’s creating art.
  • He loves to paint and play with Washi tape.
  • I’m amazed daily with his new found ability to really communicate. His vocabulary is well above other kids his age (we can thank his big sister for that).
  • He’s amazing with all electronics – iPads, computers, phones – last week, he took my sister’s Kindle and with no instruction went to town.
  • He’s back to sleeping well and in his own bed. Each night we tuck him in; read a book (on the iPhone); kiss him; and walk away. That’s it and he stays there, in his bed, all night.
  • He idolizes his sister (much to her frustration). Whatever she’s doing, he’s right there doing it too. Whatever she’s eating, he’s gotta eat it too. He repeats nearly every word that come out of her mouth. He more than loves her.
  • He has the most irritating habit of repeating himself. He’ll repeat himself until you repeat the words he’s said. You can’t just acknowledge him with a “yes” or an “okay.” You have to repeat back to him whatever he’s saying. Totally annoying.


Journaling reads:

Initially, Cooper was enamored with the idea of wearing big-boy underwear or  chonies as we call them. That was last summer (2011) ... and the novelty wore off (quickly) and he basically went back to diapers and pull ups full time. Fast forward to today, (5.14.2012) and he’s still not potty trained. He loves to wear his chonies, but he also loves to go pee in them, making a big mess. He doesn’t love it when his diapers are soiled and takes them off on his own. It’s not uncommon to catch a bare bottomed Cooper running through the house after he’s tried to change his own diaper.