Free Printable: Kid-Friendly Art

Do you ever get an idea that just blows you away?

One that you can’t stop thinking about?

One that makes your heart sing?

I have one of those ideas right now; and I feel like I’m fire. I’ve been making free printables since the beginning of the year. It was an exercise to see what I liked and to develop my style. For the last 30 weeks, I’ve consistently created. I’ve made printables. I’ve create scrapbooking pages. I’ve painted. I’ve done mixed media canvases. I’ve read about creativity, but I still wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted to do with regards to my overall creative work. But, I just kept creating. I figured the process mattered more than any sort of tangible product I might create.

And then it happened. It came to me. It came in the form of a squeaky voice who had no idea he was answering a question that had been wearing on my soul.

I was snuggling Cooper at bedtime (he insists I crawl into his race car bed and wrap my arms around him). We’d just finished doing his book and I was getting ready to sing to him. I was trying to get him to calm down and his response was:

“Come on, be silly.”

It hit me. I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I knew what my inspiration was. I knew what my direction would be. I immediately started making notes on my phone (thank you fancy smart phone) and came up with a list of funny -- but incredibly meaningful -- things Cooper has recently said. The list went on and on. All along, my muse was right there. My children inspire me. They push me to seek joy. They don’t care about stuff. They care about laughing. They care about love. They care about hugs. They care about experiencing life to its fullest.

I’m going to make a series of prints inspired by their words and the advice they unknowingly give me each and every day.

Here’s the first in a series I’ll be calling “In Cooper’s Words.”

Week31_BeSillyDownload your own copy of this high-resolution, printer ready art work here.


If you've missed my previous printables, you can find them all here.  And then, once you’ve downloaded them, want to show me what you’ve done with them? I’d love to see how you’ve used them. Personally, I’m going to take this week’s printable, along with three others, frame them and hang them on the wall leading into my kitchen. I also think they’d be perfect kids room. I might just have to change the color scheme and make a set for Shelby’s room.