Free Printable: Week 30

Hello summer.

Hello hot weather.

Hello fun.

Hello family time.

Hello vacations.

Summer is in full swing, and even with as much as I’ve been working, I’ve managed to get away and spend quality, relaxing time with my family. We’ve been to California. We’ve been to New Mexico. We’ve been to Idaho. And we still have one last trip planned (Hello CCI Summer Party!). Vacations and summer inspired this week’s printable. I’m sure even if you haven’t spent a lot of time traveling this summer, you’ve had fun and captured some memories … these are the cards for those moments.

PREVIEW_Week30_JournalingCards_krdkDownload these printer-ready, high-resolution journaling cards here.


If you've missed my previous printables, you can find them all here. Also, I’m curious … have you done anything fun this summer? Tell me your best summer memory (thus far), I’d love to hear about it!