{Free} Template Tuesday

Good morning to you. How’s it going? I am fabulous. Really, I am. I’m slowly, but surely getting back into a normal routine and that feels so good to me. I’m a creature of habits. Routines and order make me happy. And even though vacations and breaks are fun (and needed), I start to twitch when I’m off track too long.

Here’s this week’s free template:


Download a copy of this fully layered, Photoshop template here.

And here’s the layout it was based on:

LOAD15_May2012_CableTVCredits here.

Journaling reads:

I canceled our cable today. New policy in our house: no screen time on school nights unless it's for homework. Shelby's response? "You ruined my life mom." Let the detox begin. (5.14.2012)


Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday. If you use the template, come back and share a link of what you did with it. I’d love to see what you create.