Week 29: Free Printable

Hello my friends. How goes it? Life is great. Really it is. Mike has been having great success at work. Both kids are healthy, happy and growing like weeds. I’ve slowly started to get back into my workout routine. I managed to log 15 miles last week, and I’m hoping for 20 this week. I need to buckle down and really start training for that half marathon I have coming up (it’s on Nov. 11th).

For this week’s printable, I went in search of a happy color scheme. I’m all about happy colors (not that I need to tell anyone that, it’s rather obvious!). Have you ever been to the web site Colour Lovers? It’s a super cool web site where people create and share color palettes. When I started working on this week’s printable I went there and was immediately drawn to a palette named Rock Star Orange. It’s a sunshiny color scheme that screams summer and happy. I knew immediately I’d found the colors I wanted to work with this week.

The colors obviously drove the design and style. I decided to go with horizontal journaling cards this week, since I’ve been doing a lot of vertical cards as of late. I needed/wanted to shake things up a bit. Hope you like them:

PREVIEW_Week29_JournalingCard_krdkDownload these printer-ready, high-resolution journaling cards here.


If you've missed my previous printables, you can find them all here. Also, I’m curious … where do you find inspiration? Color really inspires me. Is there something particular that inspires you?